Wedding Details – My top 5 tips!

I am often asked about wedding styling and details, and what my previous couples did to make their wedding unique. The truth is – there is SO much variety and so much you can do in terms of decoration. I can almost hear you saying – ‘but where do I begin looking’? How do you put your personalities into your wedding day? Which wedding favours, table plans or cake toppers do you decide to use? Where do you source them from? What colours should you get? It can be a little bit overwhelming! Let me try and help. Sit back, get yourself a glass of wine (or a cup of coffee if you’re at work) and have a read through some of my top tips.


Here are my top 5 tips for choosing your theme or style:

1) Decide upon the colours which you want to work with. Gold and cream, jade and ivory, pink blush and powder blue, yellow and grey – there are so many combinations it can make you feel dizzy. Looking at colour palettes on Pinterest will help immensely. It’s a great place to start, but sometimes a little confusing to navigate. Try searching for terms that interest you, such as “country wedding in gold”. The results will be a-plenty! Here is a great resource too – over at the Bridal Guide Magazine blog, where you can pick a colour from the palette and it will show you examples of wedding colour themes. A massive time saver if you have no idea on how to choose.

2) Think about the season you’re getting married in – which flowers will be available for your bouquet and button holes, and what your wedding venue will look like at that time of the year – will the leaves be falling (Autumn) or will the daffodils be sprouting up (Spring), and how you can incorporate the season in your wedding styling to fit the atmosphere you want for your day. Think about whether you want warm or cool – neutral or vibrant – patterned or plain colours. Using the season as a compass toward your ideas will definitely send you in the right direction.


3) What’s important to you both? It’s your day – and a joining together of your families. Inject a bit of yourselves in the styling! Perhaps your favourite drink after dessert is Limoncello (an Italian palate cleanser) or some fruit gin – why don’t you give your guests little bottles of your favourite spirits as a wedding favour. Maybe you make your own jams? Cook up some little pots and decorate them with lace and cloth – people will love them! You can get all the materials you need from secondhand shops or online. You might want to support a charity such as the British Heart Foundation or Cancer Research – both of which have lovely little pins that you can give guests as a memento, and it’s also a great way to remember lost loved ones.

4) Consider your budget. Perhaps you are a craft queen (or king) and you want to make everything yourself (which means less money splurged, but more time spent on making things) or maybe you want to hire a wedding styling expert. Whatever you decide – plan to your budget, and don’t leave things until the last minute. I have heard about people baking until 3am and putting table plans together on the morning of the wedding! Lots of organisation now means less stress in the long run. Some simple, colourful books from a charity shop can make an awesome centrepiece (keep scrolling and you’ll see!) or some empty bottles that you’ve been storing away in your attic. Ask your friends if they have any old wooden boxes (lovely and rustic) or if your grandparents have any old vintage suitcases they’ll never use (fantastic for storing all your wedding cards in).


5) You don’t have to stick to a theme, but perhaps you want to have all things to do with the beach, or all the places abroad you’ve visited together, or even your favourite books. Some people go all out and have Harry Potter, Star Wars or Doctor Who themed weddings (and they look super cool), but you don’t have to go the whole hog – just take inspiration from what you love.  You can also mix things up a little – have a rustic wedding with a bit of vintage, or a country wedding with a bit of traditional glamour. There are so many things you can pick out to make your day unique. And the beauty is – it is your choice. Don’t get too swamped in other people’s opinions. Trust your instincts.

I’ve put together a selection of my own photographs to show you some awesome ideas which might get your creative juices flowing…


nichola-morton-lancashire-wedding-photographer-DAVID-AND-KATHRYN-463 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1154 SARAH-PETE-588 lancashire-wedding-photographer_0026 nichola-morton-lancashire-wedding-photographer-DAVID-AND-KATHRYN-4 lakes-wedding-photographer-29 cheshire-wedding-photography_0087 lancashire-wedding-photographer lancashire-wedding-photographer_0551 lancashire-wedding-photographer lancashire-wedding-photographer lancashire-wedding-photographer_0552 beeston-manor-wedding-lancashire-wedding-photographer-27 nichola-morton-lancashire-wedding-photographer-emma-alex-60 nichola-morton-lancashire-wedding-photographer-sarah-pete-33 kc348 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1177 nichola-morton-lancashire-wedding-photographer-russell-sarah-2 lakes-and-lancashire-wedding-photography_1022 shireburn-arms-wedding-photographer-35 nichola-morton-lancashire-wedding-photographer-DAVID-AND-KATHRYN-470 cheshire-wedding-photography_0085 kc358 lakes-wedding-photographer-25 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cheshire-wedding-photography_0201 nichola-morton-lancashire-wedding-photographer_0186 nichola-morton-lancashire-wedding-photographer_0214 beeston-manor-wedding-lancashire-wedding-photographer-22 beeston-manor-wedding-lancashire-wedding-photographer-2 beeston-manor-wedding-lancashire-wedding-photographer-23 beeston-manor-wedding-lancashire-wedding-photographer-23 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1057 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1157 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1167 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1166 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1164 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1174 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1189 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1190 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1191 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1192 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1193 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1195 lakes-lancashire-wedding-photography_1212 lake-district-wedding-photography_1703 lake-district-wedding-photography_1723 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cheshire-lancashire-cumbria-wedding-photography_0766 cheshire-lancashire-cumbria-wedding-photography_0772 cheshire-lancashire-cumbria-wedding-photography_0593 SARAH-PETE-553 lakes-wedding-photographer-24

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