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Hugging Luke in Williamson Park, Lancaster.

Hi, I’m Nichola.

I’m a wedding photographer living in the beautiful city of Lancaster, with my gorgeous (and daft) dog – spaniel Luke!

I work with couples all over Lancashire and the rest of UK capturing their wedding days.

I love vintage styling and pretty dresses.
And weddings.

I’m a tiny bit of a geek.
Star Wars and Lord of the Rings rule.
So do cats and dogs, rabbits and basically all animals.
I hate Marmite (disgusting…).
I love to dance.
I am fascinated with wedding styling and details.

I enjoy a good curry, but not a spicy one (total wimp).
I’m obsessed with fairy lights and natural light, but hate bright office lights.
Music is my religion. Motown and Soul. Metal and Rock. Mazzy Star. 90’s Indie. Johnny Cash. Funk. Pop. Prince.
I don’t like sprouts.

Jane Austen books are my catnip.
I love Michael Fassbender as Mr Rochester.
I’m a Game of Thrones junkie.
I’d prefer to own a battered and well loved bookshelf than an Ikea one.
I like getting muddy.
I love the outdoors. And beautiful architecture.

I want to live at Glastonbury.
I love 80’s action films.
I am scared of spiders, but never kill them.
I like to drink tea from a proper tea cup and saucer, but I also love mugs that can hold a gallon of coffee.
Supernatural: Sam and Dean Winchester. Bobby. The Impala. Yes.
Breaking Bad
I don’t like maths.
I love beards on men.
I like pink and red hair on myself.

I also love photography (shocking, I know!). It’s all about my love for the little details. The small details in the big moments really mean the most to all of us right? Natural smiles and natural love. The perfect little moments on your wedding day when you think nobody is watching. These are the moments that I like to capture the most. I’m in my element when I’m taking your photographs. It means something to me that your photographs will mean something to you. That they will become a special bookmark in your family history. We’ll get on great together, and have lots of fun and laughter along the way.

Luke. Looking cute!

Luke. Looking cute!

A silly mobile selfie of me and Luke!

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Nichola Morton is a Lancaster wedding photographer who covers the Lancashire, Cheshire, Lake District, Preston, Blackpool, Lytham, Chorley, Leyland,  Manchester,  St Annes, Penrith, Cumbria and UK locations, including destination wedding too!

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