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I often get asked questions that all my couples want to know, so I thought I’d write a handy little FAQ for you to take a peek at with some of the most popular queries! Ooh, I feel like I am on a chat show or something.

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Whereabouts are you based?

I live in Lancaster, but I travel all over the UK for weddings, and even abroad!

Are you insured?

Yes! I am professionally insured with one of the leading insurance companies in the UK, up to 1 million pounds! All my equipment is covered too – which is an essential!

We don’t need a pre-wedding shoot, do we have to have one?

All the pre-wedding shoots are included in all my packages and they’re absolutely vital to your little wedding journey! First of all, it means that we can meet up and have a good ole chat, a coffee or even a bit of cake and get relaxed in each others company! You get to have your photograph taken in a totally chilled and fun way, and it gets you camera-ready for the big day. I really don’t like having my photo taken, so I totally understand that you might not either. I promise you that you’ll love the finished product, and that you’ll both be busting out some model-like moves on your big day because of the pre-wedding shoot preparation!

Is this your full time job?

It is! And it’s my dream job too! I’ve been full time for several years now, and weddings make up 95% of my business, so I am very wedding orientated in my thinking, and I know loads of great resources and places you can look for inspiration! I really like to guide my couples through the process with as much support as they need. I’m not just there for your day – I am here throughout the entire process from start to finish, so it IS a full time job helping all you lovely, lovely people day to day!

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What happens if you are ill on the day?

In the rare event (because touchwood, I have never been ill!) I was too ill to take photographs on your day, I have a very close-knit network of other fabulous photographers who I can count on in a situation like this. We all cover each other in emergencies, and they are all as professional, creative and fun as me! My second shooter Phil would also be on hand to support them on the day, and I would edit the photographs afterwards in my own unique style. I would have to be literally dying though. I’m hard as flint when it comes to being too ill to work! I am far too busy to be ill!

What happens if your camera breaks?

I have 3 different bodies (the camera bit) and lots of different lenses (the whirry bit of glass), as does my second shooter Phil. So if god forbid, I throw my camera in a Niagara Falls-esque fountain or someone decides to drive over my camera, I have back ups with me at every wedding. Dozens of memory cards, batteries, battery chargers, flash units – you name it, I have several of each! My equipment is like an extra limb, so I like to take care of it all.

We’re not sure if we want an album yet, can we decide later?

Of course you can! Albums can be ordered after your wedding, at any point, so don’t feel pressured to make that choice right now.

How can we communicate with you?

I’m available via email, text message, skype, face to face or a good old fashioned telephone call! Whatever is easiest for you! You can contact me with any questions at any point of the process, even if it’s to ask my opinion on the gorgeous vintage table ornaments you just found (I am obsessed with all things wedding, seriously!).

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Will you and Phil need a hot meal during the day that we would need to arrange with the venue?

Yes please! A simple hot meal. We don’t ask for the full trimmings, or even the main meal, just something hot. Working a 10-12 hour day means that you need to put something good in the human engine! I offer my couples the choice of letting us go offsite to go and get a hot meal, but obviously, this means we are away from the venue, and away from our clients for up to two hours while we go and source a hot meal from somewhere. I like to be at the venue, ready and waiting for you both, charging up my batteries, backing up my images. Also, most venues do not allow people to eat food on the premises that is not theirs, so homemade butties are out of the equation. A hot meal recharges our batteries.

Will you stay if the day over-runs or is there a set time that you leave?

We say 9pm for leaving time, and all weddings normally have their first dance before this point. But I’m not going to run out of the door if the first dance is genuinely delayed for reasons outside of your control though and starts at 21:15pm. That’s why I work closely with my couples about the scheduling of their day, so we’re all on the same page.

How long will it be before we receive our photos/USB/album?

USB packages – 8-12 weeks in the Summer months, sometimes earlier. In the Winter months i.e. quieter wedding season – 6-8 weeks.

Albums – we all work together on the images that you want in the album, and I get onto to designing it straight away. Album design can take upto 5-8 hours, depending on the volume of images. I then send a proof to you both to view the design, and you sign it off, or say “we’d like image 234 instead of 278 on page 5” etc. The album takes upto 10 working days to be made, so from sign off, a liberal delivery time would be 6-8 weeks in the Summer months and Winter months.

Will you be photographing any other events on the same day?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. See how emphatic I was in my answer?! I cannot even believe that some photographers would do this. It is me photographing your wedding, for the full day, with my second photographer. I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of any other event on your day. As my clients, your day is my number one priority. That means you get number one service.

Do you also take photographs of children and families?

I do indeed, and I absolutely adore children – they are such great fun! You can take a look at my galleries and info here

Nichola is a wedding photographer based in Lancashire.


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